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Brett McPhee (Chief Executive Officer)

Expert in Global Recruitment and Workforce Development.

With over 30 years in senior roles in Mining, Engineering, and Construction, Brett has been leading an international recruitment business since 2004. He has transformed over 200,000 lives and has a decade of experience in training and assessment. Passionate about global staffing, Brett excels in connecting skilled professionals with global opportunities, enhancing business growth through quality labor resources. His expertise in workforce development and strategic labor acquisition positions him as a key figure in the international recruitment sector.

Phone: +61 (0) 426 803 824 (AU)

Email: [email protected]

Winner Santos (General Manager)

Learning & Development Specialist

Winner brings over 10 years of expertise in Learning & Development, specializing in culture and communication within the BPO industry. His experience includes a key role at one of Australia’s leading energy retailers and managing over 3,000 seats across two sites in the Philippines. Renowned for enhancing center performance through process improvement, Winner is passionate about empowering Filipino professionals to excel and thrive in their careers.

Phone: +63 (0) 918 863 0190 (PH)

Email: [email protected]

Bobby Austria(Recruitment Manager)

Experienced Civil Engineer; Expert in Global Engineering Recruitment and Placement.

Bobby, a seasoned Civil Engineer, brings extensive experience from his 20-year tenure at Bechtel, leading their offshore recruitment team. Now with Peloton for 12 years, he has interviewed over 300,000 candidates and facilitated the global placement of over 30,000 engineering professionals and tradespeople. Renowned for his expertise in engineering recruitment, Bobby is a pivotal figure in connecting top talent with opportunities worldwide.

Rodje Ibanez(Technical Specialist)

Experienced Trainer in Fabrication and Assessment.

Rodje, with 20 years in training and assessment, is an expert holding Australian qualifications in Fabrication (Certificate III) and Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE). His experience includes working as a boilermaker in Western Australia, mastering both workshop and on-site skills. Rodje’s extensive background positions him as a knowledgeable professional in the field of technical training and skilled trade education, especially within the Australian context.

Isagani Bayaca (Mechanical Specialist)

Experienced in Mechanics and Technical Management.

Gani, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology graduate, excels in enhancing productivity and safety. Beginning his career as a heavy equipment mechanic, he advanced to a Mechanical Technician role in Saudi Arabia, where he gained 14 years of experience. Gani further honed his skills as a Technical Manager for a safety and quality inspection company, contributing seven more years of expertise. His journey reflects a strong commitment to technical excellence and leadership in industrial technology.

Bella McPhee(Head of Business Development)

Strategic Leader in Marketing, Business Development, and Process Improvement.

Bella leads our Marketing and Business Development, demonstrating a history of remarkable growth and operational success. With extensive experience in crafting company-specific campaigns, she plays a key role in attracting qualified applicants for our clients. Additionally, Bella spearheads our process improvement team, ensuring enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Her expertise and leadership are pivotal in driving our agency’s growth, client satisfaction, and overall business profitability.

Mike Golley(Business Development)

Expert in International Business Development, Client Needs, and Workforce Integration.

Mike excels in international business development, focusing on delivering precise client needs. His expertise lies in understanding client requirements and assisting in the seamless integration of workers into various workplaces. With his skilled approach to client relations and process facilitation, Mike is a key contributor to effective and efficient workforce solutions in the global business landscape.

Martin Cerantonio(Business Development)

Versatile Professional, Key in Operations and Growth Across Multiple Sectors.

Martin, with vast experience in diverse sectors, sharpened his skills in a family-run building business before joining The Kho Group (TKG) in the Philippines. As Vice President for Operations, he played a pivotal role in the success of TKG’s subsidiaries, showcasing his expertise in shared services management and executive support. Martin’s proficiency extends to mobile app development, gyms & fitness, mining, and construction, positioning him as a key driver for Peloton WorkReady’s expansion in Australia and globally.

Andrea Pamintuan(RPL & Customer Service Manager)

Training Leader Specializing in Cert 3 Qualifications and Visa Processing.

Andrea, with over 12 years of expertise in training and assessment, leads an Australian RTO processing team. Specializing in Cert 3 qualifications, she is adept at managing visa processing requirements for applicants. Her collaborative efforts with TRA-appointed RTOs in developing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) plans underscore her proficiency in educational planning and immigration procedures, making her a vital asset in the field of vocational education and training.

Aris Manabat(Visa Processing Team Manager)

Management Expert with Focus on Process Improvement and Training.

With a decade of expertise in call center management, Aris specializes in diverse areas including training, quality assurance, technical support, customer service, and collections. His extensive managerial background spans various industries, complemented by multiple training courses in people development and coaching. As a competitive and results-driven professional, he leverages his analytical abilities and tools to devise and implement effective action plans for process enhancement.

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