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What Makes Us Unique

At Peloton WorkReady, we specialize in bringing together talented individuals and leading businesses from across the globe, with our influence currently spanning Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada, the Middle East, East Asia, and South America. Renowned as a top recruitment agency, we attract and assist jobseekers actively pursuing career opportunities in these diverse regions and have placed over 10,000 workers in locations all over the world.

Our relentless commitment to setting the standard for ethical recruitment practices sets us apart: we firmly believe that candidates should never have to pay for employment opportunities, ensuring a fee-free process for all. Our expertise extends to partnering with a multitude of businesses, aiding them in navigating challenging environments by providing them with the perfect workforce solutions.

At Peloton WorkReady, we specialize in placing highly skilled workers such as tradespeople, machine operators, and technical professionals in long-term positions. Our team of talent acquisition specialists share extensive international experience in a diverse range of industries, enabling the delivery of the highest quality candidates. This also enables us to understand the unique requirements of both our clients and candidates effectively and exceed all stakeholder expectations.


Ethical Recruitment: Connecting the Best Talent Globally

At Peloton WorkReady, we’re dedicated to connecting exceptional talent worldwide in unique and effective ways. Our approach is deeply rooted in strong, process-based values, ensuring every aspect of our recruitment process is conducted with integrity and care. Whether you’re seeking employment opportunities overseas or looking to hire top talent, we prioritize your success as integral to our own.

Rigorous Candidate Evaluation: Ensuring Perfect Job Fit

We meticulously evaluate all applicants to ensure they not only meet the high standards of potential employers, but also comply with the stringent immigration rules and regulations of each destination country. Our commitment to finding the right fit for both jobseekers and employers sets us apart in the international recruitment landscape.

Adherence to Ethical Standards: No Fees for Applicants

In alignment with the Modern Slavery Act 2018, Peloton WorkReady upholds the highest ethical recruitment standards. Unlike a considerable number of recruitment firms that charge recruitment fees to candidates, (often equivalent to one month’s salary), we believe this is unethical. We thereby make it our duty to ensure that no fees or costs are imposed on applicants throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. Our dedication to fairness, integrity, and leadership in eradicating modern slavery drives our actions and sets the standard for others to follow. To view the online Modern Slavery Register (AU), simply click here.

Ethical Recruitment: Connecting the Best Talent Globally

Among numerous recruitment agencies, Peloton WorkReady is renowned for providing quality talent and fostering strong relationships with both clients and candidates. Our meticulous attention to detail, ethical values and candidate testing capabilities make us the logical partner of choice when it comes to international recruitment solutions and opportunities.

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